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Dr. Bartolomé Oliver


Dr. Bartolomé Oliver studied medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In 1977 he started his residency training in neurosurgery at the National Department of Neurosurgery in Madrid under the internationally renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Sixto Obrador.

After finishing his formal residency training in neurosurgery in Madrid, Dr. Oliver joined a new Neurosurgical Department in Barcelona at the Hospital Sant Pau of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. During the early development of this department he took on the responsibility of incorporating new subspecialties following specialized training in Stockholm (Sweden), Montreal (Canada), and St Louis and Pittsburg (USA). Until April 2012 he was Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery in the Hospital Universitari Mutua de Terrassa and Hospital Parc Tauli. During 32 years of practice, 60% of the doctor’s activity has been dedicated to spine surgery, principally to transforming the way surgery is performed and the development of present day Minimally Invasive Techniques and concepts of motion preservation. The rest of Dr. Oliver’s practice has been devoted to performing endoscopic and microsurgical procedures for complex skull base tumors, pituitary adenomas, microvascular decompression and epilepsy surgery, providing the development of an extraordinary expertise and skill in delicate and precise microsurgery that offers innovative techniques for the performance of neurosurgery and particularly spine surgery.

In total Dr Oliver and his partner Neurosurgeon Dr Ayats have treated over 4000 patients. Presently Dr Oliver performs more than 250 complex lumbar spine cases a year (motion preservation & fusion procedures) and over 50 complex cervical spine surgeries including artificial disc replacement.

Preferred implants include M6L, M6C, Nuvasive.

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Dr. Emilio Ayats


Dr. Emilio Ayats trained as a neurosurgeon at the Hospital de Sant Pau from 1996 to 2001. He carries out his practice at the Oliver-Ayats Neuroinstitut, Teknon Medical Center and University Hospital Mutua de Terrassa.

His main interest and dedication is focused on treating the whole span of brain and spine pathology. He is part of the endoscopic skull base team for the minimally invasive treatment of pituitary pathology and brain tumors. Regarding his spine surgery practice, he exclusively performs minimally invasive surgery by functional conservation techniques and biomechanics of the cervical and lumbar spine. He trained in endoscopic anterior approaches to the spine at the Texas Back Institute and Unfallklinik in Murnau (Germany), becoming a pioneer in Spain in the endoscopic treatment of thoracic disk herniations, spinal fractures and spinal tumors. Within Functional Neurosurgery, he specializes in the surgical treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.

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Performing only minimally invasive spinal surgery

We use minimally invasive techniques to approach the surgical treatment of spinal pathology in order to minimize the disruption to the normal anatomy, decrease postoperative pain and increase the rate of recovery.  Priority is always given to motion preservation technologies over Fusion techniques where possible in an attempt to maintain the natural movement of the spine

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We are the leading practice in Spain

We have successfully treated over 4000 patients to date.  We perform more than 250 complex lumbar spine cases a year (motion preserving artificial disc replacements & fusion procedures) and over 50 complex cervical spine surgeries. Our daily schedule includes 1 or 2 surgeries and up to 10 consultations.


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Our surgery packages include surgery, medication, hospital stay, transfers to & from the airport & post operative services including imaging, consultations & physical therapy.

A case manager is appointed to every case and will assist patients and their travel companions with  hotel booking, local transfers, hospital pre-admission and discharge process, and will be on hand to help in anyway throughout a patient’s post-operative recovery

Our surgery package for Lumbar or Cervical Disc Replacement includes:

  • One pre-operative hospital day for pre-operative evaluation
  • All surgery costs (implants, surgery, operating theatre, etc.).
  • Post-operative hospital stay of four days (lumbar surgery) & three days (cervical surgery).
  • All post-operative consultations and tests.
  • Post-operative physical therapy session as recommended by Dr Oliver.
  • The whole treatment process from arriving to Barcelona to being cleared fit to fly home, is approximately 14 natural days.

    The cost of treatment is related to the number of discs treated and levels performed. Competitive and affordable quotations are available upon request and case evaluations are completed after receiving imagery & a completed Patient Evaluation Form.
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    Our mission is:

    To provide the best medical treatment for patients suffering from spinal problems, with excellence in technical performance and refinement in personal care.

    Our vision is:

    To be the most recommended spine center in Southern Europe through patient satisfaction, personalized care and our team’s unique personal touch.

    Our values are:

    • Passion and dedication in our work.
    • Continuous innovation and improvement.
    • Compassionate attention.
    • The interests of our patients are our priority.
    • Close and trusting relationships with our clients.


    • Dyamic Stabilization of the Lumbar Spine “I was fortunate to meet Dr. Oliver, who took decisive action and decided to treat me by putting a dynamic stabilization system into my vertebra. Following this my recovery has been very rapid”
      Olwen / Dublin - Ireland
    • Artificial Disc Replacement
      "The doctors' encouragement, patience and affection, were transformed into energy for my recovery to become a reality."
      Cristina Colorado / Barcelona - Spain
    • Motion Preservation Spinal surgery
      “Excellent treatment and services. Thank you.”
      Mike Martin / London - United Kingdom
    • Motion Preservation Spinal surgery
      “The first day that I was in the ICU, the care given as fantastic! On the day I was in my private room, the nurses were very friendly. The doctors are remarkable too, they explained everything very clearly! Keep up the good work! My personal thanks to all the doctors, nurses and staff of the hospital."
      Pavel Ushakov / St. Petersburg - Russia
    • Dynamic Stabilization of the Lumbar Spine
      "A few years ago I started having leg and back pain, and an MRI scan found arthritis in my lumbar spine.  Last year the pain grew so great that I contacted Barcelona Back Institute. The treatment and exercises prescribed to me really helped and now I'm virtually pain free."
      George Hart / London - United Kingdom